ASBIS press-releases

December 25, 2001
It was a pleasure to serve you with computer components in year 2001. Let us wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! ASBIS promises to keep providing the best service and to continue to supply you with key personal computer components and high-end storage, networking and server architectures on your choice in year 2002, something we always do.
December 07, 2001
ASBIS announces the re-launching of its corporate web system. The new ASBIS web-interface benefits from the new design, structure and functionality of the cutting-edge web platforms: Allaire Spectra and Coldfusion. This technology enables seamless content management, easy and quick coordination of all recourses and reliable business processes automation. This is the final step on the way to bringing in a new standard. ASBIS Web Empire that consolidates 17 websites in their local languages.
November 16, 2001
To make transition to Exchange comfortable for ASBIS employees, business partners, and customers, as well as to provide a habitual and convenient environment for all ASBIS managers and trading partners, the interface of e-Catalog is customized for ASBIS, platinum member, in accordance with the company corporate style. ASBIS is the first customer who obtains customized e-Catalog at
November 08, 2001
Samsung Semiconductor products will flow through ASBIS distribution channels in 18 countries. It is a new victory of ASBIS's geo-distribution model.
October 29, 2001
ASBIS is glad to present to our customers the new Product Catalog. We are sure you will find it even more convenient and effective than before.
October 16, 2001
ASBIS management is sharing their vision of the hi-end storage market and the place of ASBIS in it.
September 15, 2001
ASBIS announces the 10th anniversary movie about all HDDs and markets where Seagate Navy provides the best fit.
September 07, 2001
ASBIS Czech received the award "Chip Tip" in September'01 as the best supplier of IBM Deskstar and Seagate
August 27, 2001
33% of all Estonian people are using the Internet. As of today they can also browse the new ASBIS site in their native language.
August 23, 2001
ASBIS Romania has won first place as the best supplier of IBM
August 21, 2001
ASBIS has expanded its distribution agreement with Intel
August 01, 2001
ASBIS has developed first standard designs for Virtualized Data Storage that allow for the reduction of data storage costs by 30%.
July 26, 2001
ASBIS is happy to invite our clients to the "Entertainment Center" where all intellectual games are located.
July 23, 2001
ASBIS welcomes customers from Slovenia and Yugoslavia to its new local web sites! With the launch of and our website now communicates in 12 European languages.
July 20, 2001
ASBIS ISA Group presents entry level Direct storage solutions for customers who are looking for fast, reliable, manageable, flexible, and expandable storage mediums with low TCO.
June 10, 2001
"ASBIS has done an exceptional job of driving Seagate
June 07, 2001
ASBIS arranges a questionnaire for everybody from the regions of Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia and Ukraine who feel they have the ability to answer questions regarding the Mylex
June 04, 2001
ASBIS and Intel present the new international program "P4 Sales Master" that allows you to educate sales personnel on winning techniques which will increase your sales of Pentium
May 30, 2001
ASBIS has collected all necessary information about Adaptec, Chaintech, Promise, Vixel products and sorted it for your convenience at "Our vendors" site.
May 24, 2001
ASBIS presents Seagate Barracuda
May 16, 2001
ASBIS expands its presence as 4 new offices in Russia open. Now customers from Nizhny Novgorod, Volgograd, Ekaterinbourg and Novosibirsk have an opportunity to order any products locally.
May 08, 2001
ASBIS will deliver Canyon mainboards to all of its regions. Since first starting until now, high-quality Canyon's products are available for more than 10000 ASBIS customers in 20 countries.
May 04, 2001
The program "10 SCSI = mobile" is over, but you can still enjoy the flash-movie about Seagate SCSI discs.
April 20, 2001
ASBIS has collected all necessary information about IBM products and sorted it for your convenience at
April 17, 2001
ASBIS made an exciting flash-movie about Linear Tape-Open from IBM. Due to tremendous popularity it is localized in 5 European languages.
April 12, 2001
ASBIS proves its leading position in the region by obtaining revenue growths of 50% from Q1 2000 to Q1 2001.
April 10, 2001
ASBIS has obtained an exclusive interview with Grzegorz Kwolek, Quantum sales manager for FSU and Poland. Mr. Kwolek explained the Quantum HDD/Maxtor Merger.
April 06, 2001
ASBIS Interoperability Lab launches a new standard project: a cluster-based solution for high availability data storage.
April 02, 2001
ASBIS was named the fastest growing distributor in connectivity products in Europe's emerging markets.
March 22, 2001
ASBIS has launched the site where customers can find and download the information related to product/marketing policies for each of the manufacturers whose products are distributed by ASBIS.
March 16, 2001
ASBIS introduces the Fujitsu Magneto-Optical drives which are available in 640MB and 1.3GB capacities.
March 12, 2001
ASBIS geography is getting wider, ASBIS product lines - more diverse, ASBIS turnover - higher.
February 22, 2001
The solution developed by ASBIS' specialists allows for a creation of the SAN network with storage capacities of up to 2.8 Tb and connection capabilities of up to 14 servers.
February 05, 2001
A lucrative IT market in Eastern Europe enabled ASBIS to report a 31% annual revenue growth.
February 02, 2001
The underwater campaign has concluded. 5890 seamen passed the test from under three oceans. The best 5 captains will get their Seagate U Series 5
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