Key Financial Data

Sales revenues in 2023 amounted to nearly USD 3.1 billion (PLN 12.8 billion), as compared to USD 2.7 billion in 2022, representing an increase of 14%

Net profit in 2023 without taking into account the one-off events would amount to USD 78 million. The one-off events that occurred in the fourth quarter were related to the Group's finalization of its exit from Russia. ASBIS does not anticipate any similar events in the future. Net profit including the one-off events in 2023 amounted to USD 53 million (PLN 221.9 million).

The table below presents key financial data of ASBIS Group between 2023 and 2019.

(in thousand USD) 2023 Audited data 2022 Audited data 2021 Audited data 2020 Audited data 2019 Audited data
Sales revenue 3 061 228 2 690 039 3 077 976 2 366 441 1 914 881
Operating profit 112 493 110 994 113 749 56 673 33 086
Net profit 53 048 75 870 77 067 36 515 15 240

Guidance for the year:

Year Sales revenues Net profit Delivered results
2024 Between US$ 3.1bn and US$ 3.4bn Between US$ 60m and US$ 64m Sales: ...
Net profit: ...
2023 Between US$ 3.0bn and US$ 3.2bn Between US$ 78m and US$ 82m Sales: USD 3.1bn Net profit: USD 53.0m
2022 Between US$ 2.6bn and US$ 2.8bn Between US$ 70m and US$ 74m Sales: USD 2.7bn Net profit: USD 75.9m
2021 Between US$ 2.9bn and US$ 3.1bn Between US$ 71m and US$ 74m Sales: USD 3.1bn Net profit: USD 77,1m
2020 Between US$ 2.0bn and US$ 2.2bn Between US$ 32m and US$ 34m Sales:USD 2.4bn Net profit: USD 37m
2019 Between US$ 1.7bn and US$ 1.9bn Between US$ 13m and US$ 14m Sales: USD 1.9bn Net profit: USD 15m
2018 Between US$ 2.1bn and US$ 2.2bn Between US$ 11.5m and US$ 13m Sales: USD 2.1bn Net profit: USD 12m
2017 Between US$ 1.2bn and US$ 1.3bn Between US$ 5m and US$ 6m Sales: USD 1.5bn Net profit: USD 7m
2016 Between US$ 1.15bn and US$ 1.25bn Between US$ 4m and US$ 5m Sales: USD 1.1bn Net profit: USD 5m