Company milestones

Year on year we provide distribution to success of our valued stakeholders


Another stimulating year. Under the impact of global economic turbulence, ASBIS Group took dynamic restructuring and limiting expenses actions, which were yielding a positive profit. During the first three quarters, ASBIS reviewed its product portfolio, implemented new operation processes, and fine-tuned customer credit procedures. These measures have improved ASBIS’s financial results and strengthened its market position by Q4 2015. ASBIS has expanded its regional presence for a number of contracts: added 16 countries to the contract with Logitech, 2 new regions – to the contract with Dell, and expanded its official distribution of Apple’s smartphones by Armenia and Moldova. ASBIS signed an agreement for SONQUI GPS trackers and enhanced its software portfolio with Intel’s Education Software app suite to supply in all ASBIS countries and BlackBerry’s Software Licenses and Updates to distribute in Cyprus, Estonia and Greece. ASBIS gained prominent regional awards: from Intel – in RCIS and META and from Lenovo – in Slovakia. Honored by its channel partners, ASBIS became the “Best SMB Distributor 2015” in the Middle East and the “Distributor of the Year” across the MENA region. Based on IT Europa’s report, ASBIS become a new entry in the TOP 10 IT-distributors.


It was a challenging year for ASBIS business. Two of ASBIS key markets – Russia and Ukraine – had been affected by political and economic turbulence, which dramatically decreased demand and sales in these regions. However, due to balanced approach, the Company stayed profitable and closed the 4th quarter with significantly improved profitability. ASBIS redirected a part of the business lost in the F.S.U. region mostly to the CEE and introduced deep cost reduction program and countries. Even though ASBIS had to operate in tough times, it continued the development and concluded a number of contracts: with SanDisk, Micron, BlackBerry, and Logitech. The year of the renewal of Canyon positioning under the slogan ‘Be Different. Catch the Trend’. In certain regions, ASBIS won prestigious awards from Lenovo, Hewlett-Packard, ESET, Seagate, IBM, and channel business communities for the best performance. ASBIS was also honored for the investment in the national economy at the ‘CIPA International Investment Awards 2014’ held under the auspices of the President of Cyprus.


Company's well-developed distribution network and sales of our own brands has allowed ASBIS to improve GP margins and the overall profitability. We delivered a three-fold growth in the own brands business as well as a more than 40% higher NPAT. Canyon celebrated 10 years of evolution and success on the global market with over 20 million Canyon products have been sold worldwide. Apple Premium Reseller stores have been opened in Turkmenistan and yet another – in Azerbaijan. ASBIS signed the new contracts with ADATA, Adobe and ZTE; the agreement with BlackBerry was extended to Ukraine. The Company accomplishments were honored by partners and recognized by customers: the ‘Best EMEA Distributor in FY2013’ – from Seagate, and Intel accolade for ‘Dominant position in the distribution of Intel-based smartphones and tablets’; “Components Distributor of the Year”, “Mobility Vendor of the Year”, and Seagate ‘Appreciation of Outstanding Sales Performance’ award – in the Middle East, ‘Computer Partner of the Year’ – in Ireland, and "IBM Distributor of the Year" – in Slovakia. The Warsaw Stock Exchange acknowledged ASBIS as the WSE IR Leader Competition winner.


ASBIS rebuilt the guidelines to better fit to the dynamically changing market situation focusing on profitability; combined with the new Company’ FX hedging strategy it brought the stable positive progress and above forecasted financial results. The Company advanced product portfolio by increasing fast growing and high margin lines and saw the most significant rise in Central and Eastern Europe countries as well as in Western Europe primarily due to robust development of the own brands. ASBIS was continuing to explore new sales channels set up five Apple Premium Reseller stores in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus and two in Kazakhstan. Several vital distribution deals with Ferrari by Logic3, Cygnett, Globo, EVault, Griffin and the breakthrough agreement for BlackBerry in Russia were done. The appreciation from vendors came of nominations for “EMEA Channel Academy: 2012 Awards”, 2 out of the 3 sub-regional “Intel Channel Business Development Awards” in RCIS and META, “Retail Distributor of the Year”, “Peripherals Vendor of the Year“, “Components Distributor of the Year” – in the Middle East.


The significant improvement of Company’ market position and upgraded product portfolio resulted in ASBIS’ nominations for “EMEA Channel Academy 2011 Awards” in four operating regions for the third year in the trot and winning “Middle East & North Africa Distributor of the Year” award. Company gained rights to distribute products of Microlab, Team Group Inc., Point of View, OCZ, Symantec, Netgear, Parallels and QLogic and became the first on EMEA markets with AMD Memory Brand products offer. A number of the accolades come across different operating regions: we were named “Value Added Distributor of the Year in Slovakia”, bagged “Distributor of the Year in Middle East” honour by the readers of “Reseller World ME” magazine and received “Regional Business Partner” award in South-Eastern Europe. 


ASBIS were able to benefit from hard work made on the Company’s fundamentals and product portfolio that we conducted during tough times. As a result, the Company was able to improve our results on every level, beginning from revenues, and ending on net profit. Easing of the crisis was especially visible in revenues that grew in all our major regions. The most important fact however was the rebound on our biggest markets - Russia and Ukraine. ASBIS upgraded its product portfolio by entering distribution agreements with AVG Technologies and extending ongoing deals with Dell, Buffalo, Toshiba, Hitachi and Acer. It allowed Company to increase significantly both market position and revenues and to collect “IT Distributor of the Year in Slovakia”, “Components Distributor of the Year in MENA Region” awards.


The most challenging and certainly the most difficult year of ASBIS business. The company was proactive enough to react fast on the consequences of the world’s financial crisis. ASBIS expands Microsoft distribution to the countries of Eastern and Southern Europe and signed a number of the agreements with software vendors. ASBIS is recognised IdeaPad Platinum Distributor by Lenovo. Over the year ASBIS has signed a total number of 25 new distribution agreements, including Apple for Georgia and 9 countries of the CIS, Western Digital, and Infortrend. This reflected in significant growth of sales, when the world’s financial crisis eased down towards the end of the year.


ASBIS Group has established presence on the emerging market of Latvia, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Online b2b e-shop facilities were launched in Turkey, Latvia and Cyprus. ASBIS expands distribution agreements with Microsoft, Dell, Corsair and Toshiba. New distribution agreements were signed with ABBY and Philips. ASBIS was awarded by Intel for motherboard revenue growth, recognized as “Best Partner” of Microsoft and honored by Distribution Award from Dell. ASBIS 2008 revenues grew by 7.1% Y-O-Y.


ASBIS Expands Toshiba notebook distribution to countries of Eastern and Southern Europe and signs distribution agreement with Dell. Seagate and ASBIS celebrate 15 years of successful partnership. The company consolidates Benelux operations by setting up ASBIS NL BV. ASBIS is recognised Best Partner by PQI and XpertVision and gets honoured by Intel for outstanding sales growth. The company wins investors' trust and completes successful IPO at Warsaw Stock Exchange.


ASBIS wins 15th award from Intel since 1998, as well as awards from Kingston, Transcend, PQI, and Info-Tek for outstanding business results. New disti agreements signed with Silverstone, Patriot and Toshiba. ASBIS goes public. On October 25 ASBISc Enterprises plc gets listed on the London Stock Exchange’s AIM market. 


The company celebrates 15th Anniversary of ASBIS Group and 10th Anniversary of ASBISc Enterprises. Intel grants ASBIS honorable awards for most innovative and efficient mobile demand creation programs in CEE and CIS regions, and for best year on year revenue growth on Intel DP Servers. The company strikes distribution deals with more vendors. Foxconn and Supermicro sign agreements with ASBIS. Over the 15 years of continuous growth the company has established itself as a significant player in the global IT supply chain.  


ASBIS receives the title of ‘The Fastest Growing Samsung Semiconductor Distributor’ in the EMEA region, PQI’s ‘Regional Distributor of the Year’ award, the award “For Continuous Partnership with Transcend” and “The Distributor of the Year” from Tripp Lite. ASBIS reaches across the African continent and establishes presence in South Africa, 26th country in its geographical coverage.  


Seagate named ASBIS Fibre Channel Champion! ASBIS became the only Seagate distributor having Fibre Channel rights in Eastern Europe. New agreements with Adaptec, Sony Semiconductor & Electronics solutions and Toshiba Europe Storage Device Division. Build your own notebook! - ASBIS starts providing customers with a comprehensive line of products and services for manufacturing, branding and selling of mobile PC. The company has 37 offices in 25 countries, producing a turnover of USD 680 million and serving over 11,000 active customers via 4 distribution centres and 33 local warehouses across its vast regions.  


The expansion continues. ASBIS now has 32 offices in 22 countries. New office set up in the UK. ASBIS named most popular distributor'2002 in Bulgaria as a result of the survey held by Computerworld magazine. ASBIS achieves $540 million in revenue. This represents a 44% growth as compared to 2001 (375 million USD).  


Further expansion in Russia. Customers from Nizhny Novgorod, Volgograd, Yekaterinburg and Novosibirsk have an opportunity to order products locally. ASBIS named by Intel ‘the fastest growing distributor in connectivity products in Europe's emerging markets’. Canyon products become available to more than 10,000 ASBIS’ customers in 20 countries. ASBIS also shipped a record number of hard drives – over 1,750,000 units. This represents a 46% increase from 2000 (1,200,000 units).  


Distribution center in Dubai set up as main hub to serve Gulf and Central Asia. The company managed to reach $285M revenue and were recognized as largest PC components distributor in East European Region.  


A regional distribution center in Prague was set up to serve own subsidiaries and key customers in 10 countries of Central and Eastern Europe. ASBIS Middle East in Dubai, Stornet in Ireland and ASBIS Vilnius are new 100% subsidiaries of ASBISc Enterprises.  


Eight new subsidiaries opened in a single year: in the Czech Republic, Croatia, Yugoslavia, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovenia. Distribution agreement with Quantum. Acquisition of 3 Elko offices in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Belarus.  


ASBIS reached over US$ 100 million of revenue in 1997. The company was recognized by vendors as the fastest growing distributor of computer components in EMEA region. Distribution agreement with Intel. Distribution agreement with IBM Storage Subsystems Division. Distribution agreement with Chaintech. Offices opened in Ukraine and Estonia.  


First franchised partners  in St. Petersburg, Moscow in Russia, and Almaty in Kazakhstan. They gave ASBIS opportunities to provide local services and helped to continue business growth.  


ASBIS Enterprises Limited established in Cyprus as the central operating and holding company. ASBIS recognized by Seagate as #1 distributor in 5 countries of the Former Soviet Union.