Non-financial Reports

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) has always been important for ASBIS, not only at the level of Board of Directors, but also for our employees. We all believe that accountable, transparent and responsible business behavior is the key to ASBIS’ sustainable growth.

2018 [EN] Download .PDF file Consolidated Non-financial Report for 2018
2017 [EN] Download .PDF file Consolidated Non-financial Report for 2017


ASBIS Policies

Whistleblowing policy

ASBISc Enterprises Plc provides its employees, partners, contractors, consultants and the general public with a channel to report any acts or omissions which may constitute a violation or inducement to violate laws and/or regulations, the principles enshrined in the ASBISc Policies, Codes of Conduct, principles of internal control, rules and procedures that can either directly or indirectly give rise to economic, financial or reputational damage for ASBISc Enterprises Plc Group.

Download .PDF file Whistleblowing report 2019
Download .PDF file Whistleblowing policy 2019 March

All concerns please deliver in writing either to one of the Executive Directors or via email:

Download .PDF file ASBIS Code of Conduct
Download .PDF file ASBIS Business Ethics Policy
Download .PDF file ASBIS HR Policy
Download .PDF file ASBIS Human Rights and Labor Policy