ASBIS invests in innovative technologies and acquires 40% of shares in CLEVETURA LLC

January 31, 2020

ASBIS, Clevetura

ASBIS invests in innovative technologies and acquires 40% of shares in CLEVETURA LLC

PRESS RELEASE - January 31st, 2020. Limassol, Cyprus; Warsaw, Poland

ASBISc Enterprises Plc, a leading distributor of IT products on emerging markets of Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and producer of brands: Prestigio, Canyon and Perenio, signed an agreement according to which acquired 40% shares of CLEVETURA LLC with its registered office in Minsk High Tech Park (Belarus).

CLEVETURA LLC is a Belarusian startup that designed and launched in 2019 the world's first intuitive keyboard Click&Touch based on the Touch on Keys technology made and patented by CLEVETURA LLC which adds touch layer to a traditional keyboard. It enables a user to control cursor, click, scroll, zoom and make other gestures directly on the keyboard surface like on traditional touchpad. Thus Touch on Keys turns a keyboard into the all-in-one input device replacing touchpad.

Keyboard modules on CLEVETURA technologies are great solutions for laptop or desktop PC, tablets, Mac, iPad, smart TV removing need in traditional touch pad. The Touch On Keys technology is believed to be breakthrough and is expected to play a major role in the products to come. 

Prestigio, who belongs 100% to ASBIS Group, was the first brand to obtain the technology and bring to the markets the first Click&Touch keyboard. 

The intuitive Click&Touch keyboard was launched in the 4th quarter of 2019 and is currently available in Belarus, Ukraine and Russia. The product was very well received by the market, and feedback from several thousands of users were above expectations. Turn of the first and second quarter, Prestigio Click&Touch should also be available in Poland and other European countries. 

Currently, further development work from CLEVETURA is underway to prepare new generations of the keyboards with Touch On Keys technology for use in laptops, tablet PC, iPads, smart TV. 

Click&Touch keyboard is unique and innovative solution compared to other devices, such as laptops or keyboards which use an external touch panel. The keys respond to gestures like a touchpad or mouse and the users can type, scroll or move the cursor without changing their palm position. 

Switching between modes is automatic, with a built-in microcontroller instantly recognising and processing every touch and stroke. The user does not have to think about modes as the system recognises what they are doing. Intuitive interaction with the device and new user experience is what makes the system absolutely unique. 

Siarhei Kostevitch, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors of ASBISc Enterprises Plc, commented: “We invest in technologies that can be groundbreaking for the global market. Already now, after the first few months of Click&Touch sales, we can see that this solution is very popular among both individual clients and large IT product manufacturers (OEMs). This investment is following the strategic development of ASBIS, towards not only in the distribution, but also becoming a developer and producer of innovative IT technologies. We see our future in this.

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