ASBIS may have up to USD 64 million of net profit in 2024

May 08, 2024

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ASBIS may have up to USD 64 million of net profit in 2024

Press release. Limassol, Cyprus. 8th of May, 2024. ASBIS Group (WSE: ASB) - a leading Value Add Distributor, developer, and provider of ICT, IoT products, solutions, and services to the markets of Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA), published today a financial forecast for 2024.

According to the projections, the Group plans sales revenues in 2024 between USD 3.1 billion and USD 3.4 billion, and net profit between USD 60 million and USD 64 million. According to the current average USD exchange rate of the National Bank of Poland, the Group's revenues may range from PLN 12.4 billion to PLN 13.6 billion, and net profit from PLN 240 million to PLN 256 million.

In 2023, the Group generated USD 3.1 billion in revenues and a net profit of USD 53 million. 

Forecasted values result from the Company's strategy including – but not limited to – a greater focus on computing and consumer electronic products, including our own brands, through Retail, e-Tail and SMB routes to market as well as our solutions for Data Centers to medium and large enterprises in the geo where the Group operates.

Serhei Kostevitch, CEO of ASBIS Group, commented:“This year seems to be a very busy one. This is expected to be a year of intensive work on new products and  development of our activities in the fields of robotics and the trade-in business.  Combined with new private label products, this is expected to give us a significant market advantage in our markets for the coming years. We will also intensively develop our presence in Africa, Central-Asia and other European markets. These are the main areas to focus on this year.” 

Significant assumptions regarding the financial results forecast for 2024 are as follows:

  • there will be no additional attack on any other country by Russia in the territories the Group operates,
  • there will not be an attempt from Russia to take over the whole or parts of Ukraine,
  • there will be no further escalation of the war and the situation will remain at least at the current status, where no fights are happening in the capital of Ukraine,
  • there will be no further sanctions on any other countries where the Group operates,
  • the political situation in the non-conflict markets, will not deteriorate and there will be stability in the financial environment of these markets,
  • there will not be any significant decrease in demand or supply for IT products,
  • the financial environment in our major markets of Kazakhstan, United Arab Emirates, and Slovakia will not deteriorate, as compared to the one in 2023,
  • there will not be any major devaluations of the currencies in our major markets, and therefore it will not negatively affect demand in those markets,
  • there would be no significant disturbance in the general economic environment in other markets where the Company operates,
  • there would be no significant decrease in sales of higher-margin products and solutions in both Value-Added Distribution (VAD) and private-label products,
  • competition in all major segments will remain similar with that of 2023, with no new significant market entrants,
  • the Group will continue enjoying the same terms from its key suppliers,
  • the smartphones segment will not deteriorate more than 10% compared to that of FY 2023 in the markets the Company operates,
  • there will not be any further increase in the cost of financing in all major markets the Group operates and there will not be any issue with available funds to support  operations,
  • there will not be any significant changes in consumer behavior,
  • there will not be any new technology marketed to which the Group does not have access for  its distribution network.

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