November 08, 2023



The Group is introducing the B&O brand to Africa and opening two new B&O flagship stores in its markets

ASBISc Enterprises PLC, a leading Value Add Distributor, developer, and provider of ICT, IoT products, solutions, and services to the markets of Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA), thanks to very good sales results extended its cooperation agreement with the global luxury audio brand Bang & Olufsen.

The cooperation agreement with Bang & Olufsen was signed in 2020 and covered Central and Eastern Europe and the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States, excluding Russia. In October 2023, the agreement was extended to the African region and covered 15 countries, including: Kenya, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Ivory Coast, Mauritius, Nigeria and South Africa. As part of the extended cooperation, ASBIS has recently opened two more showrooms with Bang & Olufsen products under the TM PrestigioPlaza brand. The first one is located in Limassol in Cyprus, the second one in Central Asia in the largest city of Kazakhstan – Almaty, both in very prestigious locations.

Currently, ASBIS manages three showrooms offering B&O products and intends to further develop this network in Africa and introduce it to markets in the Caucasus region. 

The first of two new Bang & Olufsen showrooms was opened in the prestigious City of Dreams Mediterranean, Limassol, Cyprus. This luxury hotel meets majestic casino, grand resort with top-class restaurants and high-level designer shopping experience with first line brands like Louis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabbana, Cartier, Hublot, Breitling and other high-end timepieces and jewellery brands. The new store will bring new experience in Cyprus with luxury home audio systems with integrated TVs, multi-room solutions and portable speakers and headphones through a variety of demo-zones to explore Bang & Olufsen soul-stirring sound and creating unmemorable sound and design experience.

The store is the only one place in Cyprus with the limited Bang & Olufsen collections like The Ferrari Collection that was launched in 2023. 

The second newly opened B&O salon and showroom was opened in Kazakhstan and is located in Esentai Mall in the city of Almaty, which has a population of approximately 2 million people. Until 1997, Almaty was the capital of Kazakhstan, now it is the main industrial, cultural and scientific center of the country: it is home to the Academy of Sciences and numerous universities. Esentai Mall, where the new B&O showroom has been opened, is the only luxury shopping center in Central Asia that offers a unique shopping and entertainment atmosphere. Esentai Mall is home to luxury brand boutiques including Louis Vuitton, Prada, Dior, Moncler, and features a three-level Saks Fifth Avenue store as well as a jewelry gallery." 

On the occasion of the opening of the Bang & Olufsen showroom in Almaty, ASBIS has prepared a number of cultural attractions, including: a special performance in cooperation with the A. Kasteyev State Museum of Arts of Kazakhstan and an interactive exhibition where visitors to the shopping center will be able not only to see but also hear the sound of art. 

Siarhei Kostevitch, CEO of ASBIS Group,commented: “The Bang & Olufsen brand was the first exclusive Hi-Fi brands with which we started cooperation, so we are very grateful for your trust. I am convinced that the excellent B&O products combined with our wide geographical coverage, over 30 years of experience market distribution, as well as commitment and determination in promoting this brand on our markets, are the key to our common success”.

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