ASBIS Lithuania offers hi-fi acoustic systems from the manufacturer

January 15, 2015

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ASBIS Lithuania offers hi-fi acoustic systems from the manufacturer

The second largest manufacturer of audio equipment in the world “F&D” aims to strengthen its position in Lithuania. Evelina Radišauskaitė, PLM at ASBIS Vilnius, notes the success ingredients of “F&D” audio equipment on the national market.

Chinese corporation Fenda Technologies for two decades has produced audio equipment for various well-known brands: from Samsung and Toshiba to Ikea or Wal-Mart. Finally, the company decided to release its “F&D” brand line with aim to strengthen its presence in Lithuania and on the world market.

"For a long time, Fenda was a company that manufactured products to other global companies. But in 2010, the company decided to release its own line and created brand "F&D". Since 2012, its products are available in the Baltic countries. We have already sold about 16 thousand units of "F&D" audio equipment. This successful outcome is mainly determined by the fact that "F&D" offers high quality audio equipment at a lower cost than many other manufacturers," said Evelina Radišauskaitė, PLM at ASBIS Vilnius.

The "F&D" speaker’s prices range between € 17-159. For comparison, similar power and functionality of the speakers, which "F&D" produces for other brands, such as Logitech, Edifier or Samsung, can cost about 20% more.

"Users often choose the well-known brands speakers without knowing who the manufacturer in fact. Therefore, we aim to promote the "F&D" brand in Lithuania. This is the best solution for buyers who is looking for high quality audio systems, especially since such purchase saves a few dozens of euros," said Evelina Radišauskaitė, PLM at ASBIS Vilnius.

"Prior to the launch of each model, "F&D" carries out tests, checking sound, vibration, and signal quality; systems’ reliability: resistance to high or low temperatures, humidity, falling; cable, button, or other moving parts operation, wear-resistance and so on. So manufacturer boldly gives 2-year warranty on its acoustic systems," explained ASBIS Vilnius spokeswoman.

Currently, "F&D" is presented in 80 countries around the world and offers more than 30 different sound speakers. F&D’s acoustic equipment is sold in all home appliance retail networks across Lithuania.

Ms Radišauskaitė notes that among customers is increasingly popular F&D’s audio system as W330BT, which connects seamlessly to a range of Bluetooth devices and allows play music wirelessly.


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