ASBIS stays resilient and focused during the conflict in Ukraine

March 16, 2022

ASBIS stays resilient and focused during the conflict in Ukraine

ASBIS prioritizes helping people affected by the war in Ukraine, while amending partnership contracts in line with the new sanctions

We as a company stand united with the rest of the planet next to the Ukrainian people at this time of crisis. ASBIS is multinational and has one of its offices in Ukraine, with more than 300 employees in the country. Therefore, our colleagues were directly affected by the current situation, and we have done our utmost to support them.

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been helping our colleagues and their families to relocate, while also providing logistical, legal, financial, and humanitarian aid. Thanks to our local presence in many EU countries and the personal involvement of our employees, we were able to react quickly and can provide support where it is needed.

Our economic activity in Ukraine has been suspended, but we are happy to say that all our employees and associates are safe.

At the same time, our significant effort goes to providing humanitarian aid to Ukraine. We are working with our offices in Poland, Slovakia and Cyprus to provide relief and minimize the extent of the humanitarian catastrophe in the country.

From the business side of things, we would like to clarify that ASBIS is a Cyprus company and doesn't fall under any sanctions. As a European company, we follow ALL restrictions, rules, and regulations imposed by the EU on Russia and Belarus and do not make any exceptions in any of our territories.

We are working closely with our partners to amend contracts following the new sanctions, where it is needed. To ensure our full compliance with the new conditions, we have formed a special team that monitors this process.

At ASBIS, we value long-term partnerships and were grateful to receive confirmations of support from our suppliers these past few days. AMD, APPLE, INTEL, SEAGATE, DELL, MICROSOFT, WESTERN DIGITAL, HP, IBM, KINGSTON, SAMSUNG, as well as many others have expressed their readiness to provide ASBIS with any assistance needed during this turbulent time.

We assure you that ASBIS stays strong and committed to its values. As the conflict continues, we will continue helping those affected, while supporting our partners and adjusting to the new business reality.

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