ASBIS joins to the fight against coronavirus and launches an innovative device on the European markets PERENIO IONIC SHIELD™

June 10, 2021

ASBIS, Perenio

ASBIS joins to the fight against coronavirus and launches an innovative device on the European markets PERENIO IONIC SHIELD™

ASBISc Enterprises Plc, is a leading Value-Added Distributor, developer and supplier of IT and IoT products, solutions and services in the growing markets of Europe, Middle East and Africa, has developed, designed and manufactures the innovative PERENIO IONIC SHIELD™ ion diffuser.

It is a compact mobile device that emits specific composition of ion complex, protecting the humans being against known coronaviruses, including SARS-CoV-2. Thanks to this innovative solution, we obtain protection against coronaviruses at home, office, taxi or even in public places. 

Perenio Ionic Shield is not an another air ionizer. The unique technology driving this innovation creates a stable ionic substance that generates enough energy to emit complex ion groups into the surrounding air. The aforesaid ionic solution consists of salts of Magnesium, Potassium, Zinc, Platinum, Gold. The active part of the device is contained in replaceable capsules that can be used regularly for up to 12 months. The shelf life of an unused capsule is seven years from the date of manufacture.

Perenio Ionic Shield is designed to prevent infectious diseases caused by known coronaviruses, including Sars-CoV-2, and their strains. The emitted ion complexes have sufficient kinetic energy to destroy the positively charged outer membrane of the coronaviruses and their negatively charged RNA. 

Serhei Kostevitch, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors ASBISc Enterprises Plc, commented, commented: “It took us 15 months to design, develop, test, certify and prepare the Perenio Ionic Shield for production. This innovative product was developed by an international, interdisciplinary team of scientists with many years of experience in studying the effects of ions on the human body, bacteria and viruses that played a key role in this process. Experts in theoretical physics, chemistry, biomedicine and engineering from many countries have worked side by side to create a product that can make a big difference in the protection of our health and our loved ones.”

Perenio recommends using the device in closed rooms – at home, in the office, and even in a car or taxi. The network of Perenio Ionic Shield devices placed at 3 meter intervals can also protect people in public places: shopping malls, airports, train stations, gyms, cafes, restaurants, beauty salons and in taxis or public transport. 

Perenio Ionic Shield is a compact device, so it fits into a backpack, purse, briefcase or suitcase. It is portable, which significantly extends the scope of our protection, even while travelling. 

The most effective concentration of the ions is in the area of two meters in diameter. The recommended minimum distance between the Perenio Ionic Shield and the human body should be at least 25 cm. Thanks, among others low level of Ozone emission, the device is safe for use around the clock. 

Serhei Kostevitch added:“We started our work focusing on most important pathogen at the moment, i.e., coronaviruses, including Sars-CoV-2. The technology itself, however, allows us to adapt it to protect our health from other pathogens. We plan to develop protection against influenza, asthma, or various types of allergens. This means that by buying one device now, in the future, by replacing the capsule, we can get much more protection. We will certainly work on it.” 

Thanks to the built-in internal battery, Perenio Ionic Shield can work up to 6 hours without connection to the power supply. The device can be charged via the Type-C power connector or it can run while still connected to the power supply. It does not require any additional configuration or installation of the application. 

Perenio Ionic Shield PEWOW01 is the first device based on the technology. In the future, ASBIS plans to extend family of the devices for prevention from other diseases.Perenio Ionic Shield PEWOW01 has undergone a series of diagnostic tests and clinical evaluation. It has been registered as a Class I active, non-invasive medical device for use in the EU and UK market. The device will go on sale on the European Union market in June 2021. 

About Perenio

Perenio is innovative, technological all-around company specialized on Internet of Things, Smart Home/Office, Smart Health.  More than 40 engineering team members (including industrial designers, hardware and firmware engineers, applications, and server software programmers) create full stack capability to develop complex solutions and unique entirely new products. IoT platforms, IoT routers, smart sensors, active smart devices and now PERENIO IONIC SHIELD™ are the products we are proud of.  Being integral part of ASBIS group allows Perenio to scale up marketing of the solutions.

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