ASBIS launches the ESD solution for Microsoft products distribution

December 13, 2013

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ASBIS launches the ESD solution for Microsoft products distribution

Advanced tool for Microsoft software distribution is available for ASBIS customers in five countries

December 13, 2013, Limassol (Cyprus) – ASBISC Enterprises PLC (WSE: ASB), an expert in the distribution of IT products and solutions in EMEA emerging markets, has announced that Electronic Software Delivery (ESD) solution for Microsoft products is now available for its resellers in Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania, Slovakia, and Belarus.

In terms of the new ESD system ASBIS’ offer covers a wide selection of products of Microsoft Corporation including Office 365, Office Suites, Office 2013 standalone applications, Windows 8.1, Windows Professional 8.1, and Visio. 

The referral business model based the ESD implies that keys are to be shipped electronically via email either directly to a customer from disti or disti sends keys to a reseller to administer to a customer. 

“We are delighted to provide our customers with the secure digital delivery of licensed products,” comments Ms Victoria Tyuryutikova, Microsoft MPLM at ASBISc Enterprises PLC, “This is a real time transaction, just press the button and get the product – there are no logistics or inventory management required and I have a great confidence that this method of software distribution has excellent prospects.”

ASBIS has set up the ESD project in August 2013 when the contract with Microsoft Corporation about distributing Microsoft products via Electronic Software Distribution (ESD) was signed. Then it took ten weeks of intensive development of ASBIS-specific interface between the corporate ERP system IT4profit and Microsoft distribution. This work of ASBIS programmers was proved by the Microsoft Technical Team. The new ESD system has successfully passed the test to satisfaction, now is operationally ready for the full utilization and the first ESD sales have been already conducted. In December 2013 several seminars and training sessions for managers and clients are planned.

“We expect that at the initial stage 10-15% of sales of Microsoft full packaged products in the participating countries will be held via ESD while the progress in this promising area will allow us to grow and expand the existing sales channels attracting the new customers,” said Ms Olga Sidorova, Microsoft Business Development Manager at ASBISc Enterprises PLC.


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