ASBIS takes an active part in a series of Intel Channel Conferences running throughout EMEA region.

April 02, 2004


ASBIS takes an active part in a series of Intel Channel Conferences running throughout EMEA region.

ASBIS takes an active part in a series of Intel Channel Conferences running throughout EMEA region. We are presenting our Complete Mobile Solution, a comprehensive set of products and services for mobile PC manufacturing. A special offer for IPIs is valid for the event's attendies: 10% DISCOUNT on the first mobile PC bare bone order placed at ASBIS. Please ask ASBIS local representatives for the details.

Details of ASBIS Mobile strategy ASBIS, the leading supplier of computer components to the EMEA emerging markets, presents a complete line of products and services for all PC mobile integrators.

"Creating an exceptional relationship with integrators and local OEMs is the top priority for our company", - says Sergey Kostevich, President and CEO at Asbis Enterprises. - "We constantly follow the trends of the global market in order to offer our customers the latest technologies. Today we offer complete mobile solutions to all system integrators and OEMs from all countries where we have offices".

The strategy of ASBIS Group is to provide complete products and services for producing mobile computers. To achieve this, ASBIS is developing in 2 directions:

1) Distribution of a wide range of computer components from worldwide IT leaders.

Our range of products contains everything that is needed for assembling mobile computers:

  • Intel CPUs;
  • Barebones Mitac, FIC, Asus, A-Open, etc;
  • Memory: Kingston, PQI, SimpleTech;
  • HDD mobile: Hitachi, Toshiba, Fujitsu, Seagate;
  • Opticals: Toshiba, LiteON, Teac;
  • Intel and Canyon wireless solutions;
  • Microsoft software.


2) Additional package of services that includes:

  • Warranty
  • Marketing services for promoting own brands


Via its well organised distribution channel in the EMEA region, ASBIS offers computer components to local assemblers for producing computers and servers. Now, ASBIS comes out with a very attractive offer for local assemblers of mobile computers.

ASBIS' objective is to be the most successful distributor of services and components for the local assemblers of mobile computers. And the company has everything that is needed to reach this objective.

Please contact our show case represenative
to get your very special ICC offer!

Date Place
Country City
12-Oct-04 Poland Krakow
13-Oct-04 Poland Katowice
19-Oct-04 Poland Szczecin
20-Oct-04 Poland Gdansk
21-Oct-04 Poland Bydgoszcz
26-Oct-04 Estonia Tallin
Poland Poznan
27-Oct-04 Bulgaria Sofia
Latvia Riga
Poland Wroclaw
28-Oct-04 Hungary Budapest
Bulgaria Varna
Lithuania Vilnus
2-Nov-04 Bosnia & Herzegovina Sarajevo
Kazakhstan Almaty
Russia Ekaterinburg
Moldova Kishinev
4-Nov-04 Czech Republic Prague
Kazakhstan Astana
Russia Chelyabinsk
8-Nov-04 Poland Warsaw
9-Nov-04 Romania Bucharest
Yugoslavia Belgrade
Poland Warsaw
Ukraina Dnepropetrovsk
10-Nov-04 Czech Republic Brno
11-Nov-04 Romania Constanta
Slovakia Bratislava
Ukraina Kiev
Russia Samara
Uzbekistan Tashkent
Russia Omsk
16-Nov-04 Slovakia Kosice
Romania Timisoara
Slovenia Ljubliana
Azerbaijan Baku
Russia Krasnoyarsk
17-Nov-04 Romania Cluj Napoca
18-Nov-04 Croatia Zagreb
Russia Novosibirsk
Belarus Minsk
Tatarstan Kazan
Georgia Tbilisi
Russia Volgograd
19-Nov-04 Romania Iasi
23-Nov-04 Armenia Yerevan
Ukraina Lvov
Russia Kaliningrad
25-Nov-04 Russia Rostov-on-Don
30-Nov-04 Russia Tyumen
6-Dec-04 Algeria Algeres
8-Dec-04 Tunisia Tunis
10-Dec-04 Morocco Casablanca

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