ASBIS offers new just-launched unique interactive MultiBoard from Prestigio

April 06, 2016

Prestigio, Multiboard

ASBIS offers new just-launched unique interactive MultiBoard from Prestigio

Prestigio® MultiBoard 98" G-series (UHD). Maximum touch UHD screen

April 6, 2016, Limassol (Cyprus) – ASBISC Enterprises PLC (WSE: ASB), an expert in the distribution of Information and Communications Technology products and solutions in EMEA emerging markets, offers the newly-designed Prestigio’s MultiBoard 98" G-series (UHD). 

On April 5, 2016 Prestigio announced the release of the unique interactive flat panel display with ultra high screen definition (UHD), 10 points multitouch, powerful PC and protective casing- Prestigio®  MultiBoard 98" G-series. Prestigio MultiBoard 98" G-series is now available to ASBIS customers.

“Prestigio successfully competed on the IFPD market for two years. MultiBoards are installed in a great deal of conference rooms and classrooms and are widely used for presentations and communication. Now we combine technological possibility and market demand for UHD devices and offer an interactive flat panel display Prestigio® MultiBoard 98. The 98 inches display with Ultra HD resolution will demonstrate all the needed details and is just amazing – you will love it from the first sight. Touch screen, pre-installed touch applications, Windows PC and Wi-Fi connection will turn this device usage into pure pleasure.  A protective casing will keep the panel display safe. In addition, like with other MultiBoard devices, Prestigio makes leading technologies affordable. Just enjoy all the benefits!” - Anton Volchenkov, Chief Commercial Officer, Prestigio EMEA, on the new MultiBoard release. 

Prestigio® MultiBoard 98" was created to be used in conference rooms, classrooms, control centers or in other public places - as an interactive display. This new product is a logical step in the line of MultiBoards where we had screens from 55 to 84” and now offer 98, making truly big pictures clear and interactive. Imagine how great any conference could be with a monitor of 98 inches! The Prestigio® MultiBoard 98" is not only large – it is also clear and bright, and has advanced specifics due to Ultra HG (4K) resolution within its features. It means that every detail will be seen perfectly – no matter if you use the display in a large conference room or public area – during an event or presentation. 

It is an all-in-one device. The Prestigio® MultiBoard 98" is not only a screen, but a fully functional PC. It has a reliable and productive Intel® Core™ i7-4790S CPU, which allows you to manage all the tasks you can imagine, using the much-loved Windows 8.1 Professional. So you don’t need to connect it to the computer to start a presentation! But, if it is required, just use the IN/OUT interfaces of a MultiBoard. Benefit from the sound of built-in stereo-speakers – no need to use additional equipment. Everything works effectively and efficiently together without any settings – just plug in and start! 

It is a proven fact: an interactive presentation, which engages and interests your future partners, is far more effective than a regular one. With 10-point multi-touch interface and 3 styluses included in the package you will be able to transform your presentation into one which is interesting and exciting. View photos, manipulate data and applications, switch between browser and presentation and receive all the benefits of a modern presentation, which only a few companies can afford. Use touch applications, which are carefully preinstalled by Prestigio (EasiNote, EasiMeeting, EasiConnect, EasiShow, mClass) and benefit from all the additional possibilities of the device. If adding a web-camera or professional video conferencing equipment, the MultiBoard becomes a valuable asset for corporate video conferences and other communications. The device could also be used in TV industry: to display live weather forecasts, football or other team games.  The Prestigio® MultiBoard 98" has aluminium casing and a  screen covered with 4 mm tempered glass, so it will be protected from damages and serve you for a long time – year on year. 

It is beneficial both as an entertainer to impress the public, and as a great assistant during a presentation to receive additional appreciation from your business partners and to increase the probability of a successful deal. No doubt, the Prestigio® - MultiBoard 98" is a perfect investment for you!


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