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August 12, 2009
ASBISc Enterprises Plc, a leading distributor of IT products on emerging EMEA markets, had revenues of USD 231,3m in Q2 2009 and USD 469,2m in H1 2009. In Q2 2009 the Company was able to generate operating profit of USD 210 thousand, but total H1 results were under strong influence of Q1 results. However, Q2 results indicate that the Company is at a turning point and that the worst seem to have passed. The Company has improved its gross profit margin to 5.1% in Q2 2009 from 3.0% in Q1 2009 and focusing on decreasing its reliance on the traditional components segment. The Group also continued its cost cutting job, significantly decreasing its administrative and selling expenses.
August 12, 2009
Six months results affected by the forex losses but good signs of crisis bottoming down
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