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May 21, 2002
ASBIS has entered into a partnership with XIOtech, a storage area network (SAN) pioneer. The XIOtech MAGNITUDE products complete the high-end storage segment of the ASBIS solution portfolio. Our customers are now able to manage greater amounts of storage much more easily and cost-effectively by using XIOTech storage virtualization technology from ASBIS.
May 16, 2002
ASBIS and Seagate present a secure, virtual doorway to your Seagate account, providing access to special pricing, online ordering, material returns and much more. These applications and others are available
May 14, 2002
ASBIS congratulates the winners of the IBM DISCovery program. 485 companies bought IBM Ultrastar 36Z15, 73LZX, and Deskstar 120GXP for the duration of the program. But only 32 of these companies could get more than 1000 points in the summary and thus participate in the lottery.
Ms. Fortune smiled on: AU (Russia) - with a trip to Canada; eDysystem Czech - won the trip to Brazil; Geutebruck Adria (Slovenia) - got the trip to Kenia.
Trinity Electronics Corporation (Russia) has was graced with a 21" TVset and 2 CD-players were won by Feniks-Komputori (Croatia) and Infoteks (Russia).
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